Support your SME clients with our outsourced expert advisory services

For over 25 years, Exemplas, has helped over 500,000 SMEs in the UK to thrive. Our expert business advisory solutions are valued and deployed by the private sector and UK Government across contracts including the Department of International Trade (formerly UK Trade & Investment).

Empowering progress


Led by a team of over 100 advisers, our bespoke, tailored solutions help you and your SME clients. We provide the best of both worlds, a trusted outsourced advisory service for you to offer your customers and an efficient external solution with proven return on investment.

Working with Exemplas, part of the University of Hertfordshire, provides flexibility and the opportunity for your organisation to differentiate itself. We don’t try to make your business fit with an off-the-shelf solution. A bespoke service is developed, relevant to your SME client base. From the type of SMEs you work with, to the type of advice needed or how the advice is accessed. The way we work is born out of a commitment to work closely with you to understand your particular challenges, requirements, and goals. In short, we draw on our knowledge and expertise to offer practical business advice to SMEs – in the way you prefer us to deliver it.