Accredited Management Training

The importance of effective management cannot be overstated. A manager with the right set of skills, who can challenge, motivate, inspire, empower, lead, engage, coach and support their team to perform effectively and achieve their targets is greatly sought after, yet it is a lot to expect of one person without providing them with external support. 

Exemplas is part of the University of Hertfordshire Group of Companies, providing skills development to organisations for over 20 years. 

Only 39% of managers in low performing organisations are considered effective or very effective, in comparison to 80% in high performing organisations. This unavoidable statistic shows that a difference in an organisation’s management can give it the competitive edge it needs to thrive in today’s challenging markets.

What do we do?

We deliver accredited training designed to improve leadership and management behaviours and practices at all levels. We work with employers to design in-house programmes to meet the specific needs of their managers and leaders and we work with individuals who are looking to improve their skills and build their management CVs.

Why choose an accredited programme?

CMI research tells us that adding accreditation to a management development activity pays real dividends:

  • They provide ‘quality assurance’ for customers and employers – it’s an independent assessment of management capability
  • 79% of respondents agreed that the employer benefits of qualifications outweigh the level of time, money and effort invested in gaining them
  • Qualifications enable organisations to attract and retain the best and most highly-motivated staff – employers felt that managers who had gained qualifications were more committed to the organisations. Managers value the investment in their development
  • They create a ‘management community’ within organisations based on the shared experience of the qualification, a common management language and common use of management tools
  • 84% improved their productivity as a direct result of undertaking a management qualifications and 81% reported an ability to pass on their new skills to others following their qualification



Why Exemplas?

  • We have delivered management development programmes and qualifications accredited by the Chartered Management Institute to a very wide range of organisations and many hundreds of individuals over the last 15 years
  • We understand the value not only of management qualifications but, more importantly, the value and power of the knowledge that sits behind those qualifications. Our commitment is that not only will we cover the knowledge requirements of the qualifications but we will work with you to truly embed these into every-day management practices, driving improvements in management capability and leadership behaviours
    • For employers – we will work with you to tailor the content of any development programme to the needs of your organisation and we can provide post-programme coaching to ensure a full transfer of learning from classroom to the workplace
    • For individuals – we offer a blend of directed self-study and one-to-one coaching to make the learning experience as personal as possible and support you to achieve your broader personal development goals


What our customers say

Testimonial from the European Nursing Agency


We can deliver Management, Leadership, and Coaching and Mentoring Awards, Certificates and Diplomas at a variety of levels.

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