East of England Co-Investment Fund

Delivering investment funding

Managing government and public sector funding to support business and economic growth is a vital undertaking. It requires the support of an organisation with the experience to manage the entire process and ensure the funds secure a return on investment. The Investment Funding service from Exemplas can take care of everything on your behalf.



Investment Funding elements

The Investment Funding service from Exemplas comprises:

  • consulting and collaborating with you to define the funds' aims, then creating a bespoke service that aims to meet every objective
  • managing every step of the investment funding process, for example, dealing with applications, reviewing proposals, liaising with prospective investors, performing due diligence, releasing funds and reviewing progress.

The benefits to your organisation

Improving efficiency: with Exemplas managing the entire funding process, your organisation can focus its resources on other critical responsibilities.

Contributing to economic growth: connecting businesses with the funding they need to start up and expand will support economic growth in your region.

Reducing risk: the service's exhaustive due diligence and comprehensive regular reporting ensure funds are invested appropriately to secure successful outcomes.

The East of England Co-Investment Fund (COIN)

The East of England Co-Investment (COIN) Fund has been established to support the sustainable growth of businesses in, or relocating to, Objective 2 areas in the East of England. The aim of the fund is to create or save jobs and to create wealth in order that shares in those companies assisted can eventually be sold, the proceeds from which will be reinvested back into the fund to ensure a sustainable evergreen fund for future investments.

If you are an eligible business:

If you are an eligible business seeking start-up or growth finance of up to £250,000, the COIN Fund could offer co-investment capital to help attract the full amount of investment you need.

Set up with capital from the European Regional Development Fund, the COIN Fund can co-invest in businesses that have secured a conditional offer of finance.