Innovate 2 Succeed case studies





Go Glass:

“The advice given by our adviser has enabled
us to review and improve our processes within
manufacture and allowed time to be allocated to
innovation. This has led to a new programme of
innovative products to be released which we expect
to have an impact on company growth in the next 5

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“As a result of the I2S project from the routine
exploitation of new technologies to improved
customer understanding and better supply chain links. The firm now invests time and resource in innovation strategy and activities and collaborates more extensively on innovation. Our priorities are continuing to scale the business, finding more customers. The key measure of success for a company is to sell products. We’ll do this by developing the sales and marketing strategy. I2S is
already helping review our strategy and providing further tools to do that.”

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“I2S made us take a more strategic outlook, planning for our medium to long-term future. That is not always easy for a small company to do. We now ensure we have a monthly management meeting that focuses on long-term metrics and their timely delivery.
I2S engagement resulted in us taking stock and identifynig our worth from our customers’ perspective. It gave us in our ability to innovate and to be developmental.”

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Westfield Patterns:

“We received a call from I2S and we were sceptical at first as it sounded too good to be true. A mentoring programme was just what we required. I did a thorough search of the information available on the government website and agreed to meet a representative of the Programme.
Simon has been there every step of the way, giving advice and building confidence that what we were doing was correct. We would have followed a very different path if we didn’t have Simon and I2S and I’m sure it would have been far less successful with
a product that would have been inferior. We would highly recommend I2S support to any business.”

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Bradshaw Electric Vehicles:

“Innovation is fundamental to the success of any business and the Innovate 2 Succeed programme meant we were leaner and quicker in bringing our new product to market.”
Drew said that the self-imposed discipline of a
meeting with the team leader was cruicial: “Until you formalise the process, you don’t do it effectively. It just drifts.”

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Baby Safe:

"The practical advice and insights that we are getting have enabled me as the founder CEO to think about the business opportunity in ways that I had not fully anticipated. I am very thankful to the support provided as it has helped transform our business plan and provided added impetus to our commercial journey.”

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“Without the advice and the structure that I2S has provided we would not have made the same progress towards our growth goals and our product launch goals. It has added value to our business by making us focus on all areas of what we do, understand our constraints and help us articulate our key proposition to our clients."

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Shout Promotional Merchandise: 

“We are extremely satisfied with the support provided and the way our adviser has guided us through innovation. It has given us a structure that has really helped us seize the opportunity with the printed artwork chocolates. The Innovate 2 Succeed sessions have been exceptionally helpful to..." 

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