Local Business Week

Its Local Business Week, the 10th of an annual event aimed at driving awareness of the small businesses in your community. 

18/05/2015, news

Too often we take for granted the small businesses on our door step and yet they are the ones that ensure our communities continue to prosper and grow. It’s these local networks which provide employment for our families and neighbours and these businesses which make our town centres and business parades the lively thriving centres of the community that we like them to be. And yet we often fail to support them, preferring the convenience of larger supermarkets instead. That’s why events like Local Business Week serve as a great reminder of how, if we want a successful economy and healthy communities to live in, we should support our small businesses and local shop keepers. Local Business Week (18th to 24th May) is a call to action to both the public and the new government to continue to support local enterprises. The campaign also calls on entrepreneurial, managerial, financial and technical experts to give advice and relevant resources to help small business owners to compete and remain sustainable.

Through its Growth Hubs, UKTI export support services, I2E social enterprise support and partnerships with Universities, Exemplas supports small communities across the UK. We are committed to sustaining the 4.8 million small businesses and social enterprises which provide jobs to the majority of the population and are vital to countries financial health.