Our brands and services

We take great care to constantly evolve and improve our diverse portfolio of business support, skills development and contracted services where we deliver under world class brands. Each is driven by our passionate belief in the power of expert diagnosis, advice and analysis to guide businesses to sustainable success.

Mainly focused on the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) sector and often delivered in collaboration with or on behalf of expert partners, the services we deliver enable us to provide effective business guidance at every stage from start-up to establishment:

Business Support

The Exemplas portfolio of business support services has been carefully created and refined over many years to ensure that our clients are able to choose tried and tested solutions to the challenges and barriers to growth that they face.

From specialist support for exporters and social enterprises, to creating powerful links with universities, formulating strategies for success and identifying expert local consultants who can help implement them, this line-up of business-support services is the proven stimulus behind countless business success stories.The business support line-up comprises:


Skills Development

Workplace skills are what help businesses prosper and individuals succeed. We care deeply about helping people and businesses perform better – for brighter careers, stronger firms and healthier communities. And ultimately, of course, for a more competitive UK economy. That’s why the skills agenda has been at the heart of what we do for over two decades. Today is no different. Our skills-development services include:

Funding and Other Partners