Our People

Success breeds success. And with many of our advisers having thrived as SME owners in their own right, this is good news for your SME clientele. Now, driven by a desire to pass on that knowledge, they’ve joined our ranks to bring that expertise to companies seeking support for small business clients. Because they know, as we do, that SMEs are the bedrock of the British economy.

Hailing from a wide variety of disciplines that include IT, finance, marketing and HR to CSR, sales, legal, operations and more, our people offer an incredible array of expertise. By working together under your banner or our own, we can help your SME client base tackle any challenge.

Leading By Example

At Exemplas, our leadership team targets the full breadth and depth of their combined experience and skills into our single core purpose: providing the environment, support, advice and insight that small and mid-sized businesses need for long term success.

Our senior people have contrasting but complementary backgrounds, from industry, academia, business, technology, public sector and finance. But more than that they share an attitude that sets us apart.

They are inspired by the belief that direct collaboration with our clients will achieve the best possible outcomes for small business and the economy.

Join The Exemplas Team

At Exemplas, we are always keen to identify and meet talented people with a commitment to helping visionary, progressive organisations and individuals fulfil their potential. If you want to contribute to the success of the new and growing businesses that provide the lifeblood of our economy, contact us. Just send your CV and a covering letter to recruit@exemplas.com and we’ll be in touch.