Partner with us and really make a difference

In the UK, over five million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) share a combined turnover of £1.3 trillion. More importantly, they employ more than 15 million people.

That’s close to half the private-sector workforce – and over 15 million reasons why the SME economy is so important to every UK individual and organisation, whether in business, in academia or in government. 

They are our customers and strategic partners, our funders, followers and students, our citizens and tax-payers.

They are also the courageous, inspired and passionate entrepreneurs and innovators who dream up and develop so many of the products and services that continue to exemplify British entrepreneurship and inventiveness, both here and across the world.

Often, though, it can be a struggle for SMEs to reach their full potential. Not because they lack conviction and ability. More often than not it’s because, as small organisations, they simply don’t have the access to the resources and other forms of business and management expertise that’s required to move from start-up to sustainability.

And that’s a significant missed opportunity for our economy as a whole.

It’s also where Exemplas fits in – first, by helping these entrepreneurial risk-takers identify and leverage the external expertise they need to bring their work to fruition. And second, by working with partners from all sectors of the economy to help create an environment in which SMEs can flourish – one where their true value is reflected in the level and quality of help and support they can access.

As a strategic partner of Exemplas you can help us to make the UK the world’s best place to own, manage or work for an SME. Let’s work together to secure everything a flourishing SME sector brings with it: a stronger UK economy and a brighter future for all of us.

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