Technology is an enabler for business growth, innovation and operational effectiveness

London Technology Week is celebrating London’s position as a “hot bed of innovation, business successes, entrepreneurship and creative talent”.

19/06/2015, latest thinking

London Technology Week is celebrating London’s position as a “hot bed of innovation, business successes , entrepreneurship and creative talent” focusing on tech as an enabler for business growth, innovation and operational effectiveness.

Exemplas Commercial & Enterprise Director Malcolm Williamson is particularly interested to observe the rising realisation that digital is increasingly becoming essential to service delivery across all business areas and processes, and is no longer merely confined to IT teams, as this resonates with our own strategic view. Exemplas as a business is heavily entrenched in developing and delivering business support to the SME sector (small and medium enterprises) and to individuals starting a business also. In doing so it has consistently sought to find innovative ways to provide services to these markets, principally for two reasons. Firstly to ensure that the delivery of support services are better aligned to meet the actual and changing needs of the SME community; secondly to deliver exceptional value for money to beneficiaries in the provision of services that are underpinned by government funding, so delivering a greater return on investment; As a consequence digital is firmly entrenched in our service delivery thinking going forward.

And we are seeing a strong focus on a digital agenda more broadly across the government contracts we deliver. “Digital by default” is the government’s clear strategy, one that we are starting to see play out across government departments as they move towards procuring smarter, more accessible solutions for the market. For many of our businesses and organisations the digital journey is just beginning but we know, through our own experience, that digital innovation is an undisputable driving force for an integrated, cohesive approach for engagement not only internally but with the markets and networks within which we operate.

The use of digital as a fundamental business strategy not only requires vision, but investment and appropriate resourcing too, allied to which is commonly the need for a degree of internal cultural and behavioural change. However for those who do embrace and use business enabling digital technologies, included within which is effective use of social media, the potential to disrupt markets and increase competitiveness is enormous.  Intelligence from UK markets via our business advisers, and from the delivery of government contracts, shows us that there is a real emerging interest in adopting digital technologies and a growing interest in the exploration across organisations of all types and size as to how such innovation can facilitate smarter working and enhance competitiveness. Indeed 87% of businesses say they have made significant progress in embracing digital technology in the last year.*

This is technology that is fast becoming available to all, from start-up entrepreneurs to established businesses across all sectors, similarly government and academia. So the potential as a significant game changer cannot be underestimated.