The Exemplas Index

The Winter/Spring Exemplas Index is the second in a series of reports, which highlights the findings of our research into how small businesses access business support and the affects digital technology has on this. View the full report here

20/05/2016, reports

This second report focuses on a number of key issues affecting SMEs, including:

  •  a snapshot of SME market confidence nationally, regionally and across sectors
  • The specific needs and challenges facing SMEs
  • their experience and preferences regarding business support with a particular focus on the uptake of digital technology 

The report identifies key findings regarding business support and digital technology:

  • 40% of businesses are currently operating a fully digital business
  • 30% require additional support in orfer to operate a fully digital business
  • 53% of businesses  stated they would find a single online portal when accessing business support useful; those already operating a digital business would rate this service the most highly

This is positive news, however more can be done to provide the relevant support for SMEs to embrace digital technology. 

To find out more about SMEs preferences towards business support, view the full report:




To view the first report of the series, which focuses on the challenges affecting SMEs, click here.