Why export?

Let’s look at a number of reasons to consider exporting.

05/06/2015, blogs

It can improve business performance through:

  • Higher levels of business
  • Longer production runs for “standard” products, which lead to economies of scale and higher profits

It’s good for the company, the region (more business means more jobs) and the country (we need exports to pay for our imports).

It can reduce or spread business risk. More markets means more opportunities and countries develop at different rates, so if one is in decline, another may be rising. This helps to even out production levels.

It can help with new product development. Different countries may have different operating conditions and different requirements. This can lead to product improvements which benefit the home market as well.

It can raise your business profile. Instead of being a company just supplying the home market, you are now INTERNATIONAL. This can lead to more business in the home market and offer opportunities for staff development by learning the new skills needed to deal with overseas customers.

Size does not matter. You do not have to be a major multinational to have export opportunities. We know successful exporting companies who started as one man and a dog – and then the dog went for a walk. You can’t get much smaller than that.

We would like every company to put the consideration of exporting on their agenda. If they decide it’s not for them, that’s fine but if they think there may be something in it for them, then your regional UKTI service can help.