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Gamification Techniques Can Boost Employee Engagement

What is Gamification?

Gamification takes the principles of games, particularly computer games, and the psychology behind why they’re engaging and uses these to enhance real-life experiences. This doesn’t mean businesses should implement gaming into the work environment, but that they can utilise the aspects that make it so appealing and apply them to the workforce. In particular, incorporating rewards, pattern recognition, progress bars and other aspects of games can engage and motivate employees.

The psychology behind levelling systems can also be implemented into the work environment. Progress bars in games create anticipation and motivation by providing rewards. The closer the bar is to filling up, the more determined players become in completing the level. This engagement can be replicated in the workforce, through using progress bars for activities such as stock management, as well as incorporating quotas to encourage staff. Providing achievements or small rewards upon completion can help to make the process worth it for an employee. The potential benefits they could receive increases their motivation and attention, which, in turn, boosts productivity.

How Can Businesses Use Gamification?

Creating a leaderboard can help to increase efficiency by encouraging friendly competition. This competition can also serve to enhance productivity, especially if there are rewards for the “winning” employee. This method can also be used to help train employees with new equipment and software. To avoid negativity or lack of engagement, gamification techniques can make training fun and motivating for employees.

Gamification techniques can also be used to target a business’s audience through the use of point systems, rewards and loyalty cards, which increase customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a company if there are incentives for them. Now there is even software that uses the same customer loyalty principles as an alternative to cards. This software can reward customers with digital badges for special actions e.g. referring a friend.

Overall, there are many gamification techniques that employers can implement within their business based on their objectives. The cost of implementing these techniques can range depending on how they would like to approach gamification. Businesses should use their competition as a guide to what could be effective for their own workforce.

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