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How Business Owners Can Maintain Their Mental Health During COVID-19

With remote working and the temporary closure of some businesses, life as we know it has changed. However, businesses should ensure they remain in contact with their suppliers and customers, so that, once these uncertain times have passed, they can bounce back. Keeping in touch with people regularly, even if it’s virtually, helps us to stay connected with the people that are important to us and mitigate some of our stress and anxiety. Remote working has also given us the opportunity to create new daily routines that prioritise our wellbeing, allowing us to increase our professional development, read more books, watch movies, create and maintain an exercise routine, try new relaxation techniques or expand our field of knowledge through browsing  the internet. Instead of thinking of this as a trying and uncertain time, the Mental Health Foundation in the UK stated that it’s best to think of this as a “new if unusual experience, that might have its benefits”.

While business owners’ biggest cause of stress and anxiety come from the impact on their SMEs, it also arises from the rumours and media speculation surrounding COVID-19. Having good quality, reputable information about COVID-19 can help you feel more in control. Many business owners are concerned about the future of their business, and whether they’ll be able to continue after the outbreak has passed. There is a wealth of grants, funding and opportunities for businesses to ensure that they can continue. It is important that business owners use this time to investigate their options, as well as look into new avenues to support and grow their business once we’ve reached the other side.

At Exemplas, as an SME ourselves, we understand the pressures and challenges businesses are experiencing at this uncertain time. Through the projects we deliver, we help to provide businesses with the support and advice they need to weather the storm, while ensuring we stay up-to-date with the latest news, techniques and strategies. Advisory support is at the heart of what we do, and our knowledge becomes an SME’s advantage within the industry. We deliver a number of key public sector contracts, including Enterprise Europe Network in the East of England and the Hertfordshire Growth Hub. These projects are designed to aid businesses with developing strategies for growth, resilience and innovation, and are on hand to support businesses through these uncertain times.

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Businesses who are struggling due to the impact ofCOVID-19, can contact the Hertfordshire Growth Hub or, alternatively, view their dedicated COVID-19 Business Resource page for the latest news, guidance and resources to support them during this time.