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Exemplas Connect – Revolutionising digital business support services

Building upon and digitising a rich history of supporting SME clients through Trusted, Expert, Advice, it has been designed to provide intelligence, advice and guidance to businesses at every stage.

SMEs want access to business information and advice in a flexible way to suit their busy schedules. With this in mind, Exemplas Connect offers the right advice and guidance each step of the way.

Innovating business support

Responding to changing SME demands and market conditions investment in the product began in 2019, with a soft launch under one of our primary business support contracts in May this year. Today, we are delighted to communicate the progress and impact demonstrated in a short space of time.

Our CEO David Moule explains “Even before the Covid world became the ‘new normal’, we recognised SMEs’ shift towards engaging with digital access to business support. This coupled with the recognised need for us to continually innovate and digitise our propositions to remain at the forefront of the business advisory services market, provided the business case for us to invest in and create Exemplas Connect. Too many organisations regard it as a simple choice between digital or face-to-face advice; this is about combining the best of both.”

Significant early-stage impact

White labelled and embedded within the client’s contract, we have been delighted with the impact Exemplas Connect has already delivered for the service itself, as well as the volume of SMEs utilising it and the early-stage insight intelligence we are building around client needs.

David further comments “We have been really encouraged by the early success in our first implementation of the Exemplas Connect digital service. In little over three months, 1,500 businesses have registered, worked through the online business diagnostic, and are now accessing both online and offline content, information and advice to help solve their business challenges.”

Government contracts are increasingly required to deliver more in respect of service offering, audience reach and return on investment, as well as emphasising evidence of impact and outputs. Exemplas Connect does just that:

“The platform’s real-time tracking of client use and needs, and the business insights this is producing, is already helping us to refine our service proposition and increase the volume of businesses we can work with. It has also provided real value to our stakeholder to position them at the forefront of best practice.

Already we are responding to firm interest from other Public Sector organisations and Government suppliers, in exploring how Exemplas Connect can augment their existing services, further endorsing our vision and investment. We are excited as to where this is going to take us, and the business support landscape.”

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