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Introducing Innovate UK EDGE – re-imagining the future of growth support for innovative businesses

A core part of Innovate UK’s investment in supporting innovative businesses that drive economic growth, businesses can benefit from a range of Innovate UK EDGE services to support their growth, including the exploitation of innovation, sourcing of funding and finance, and entering new markets. In addition, Innovate UK EDGE leads on the delivery of a number of Innovate UK projects focused on supporting high growth innovative businesses to accelerate and expand their growth with overseas markets, including the Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP), and the Global Incubator Programme (GIP), as well as projects enabling the most ambitious individuals succeed with their innovative ideas, such as the Young Innovators Awards and the Women in Innovation programme. As a key delivery partner of Innovate UK EDGE, Exemplas is leading on the delivery of a number of GBIP’s and GIP’s in 2021/22.

Previously delivered as Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the change reflects how Innovate UK is placing growth and scaling support at the centre of an emerging strategy for business innovation in the UK and completes its transition to a UK-focused innovation support network. EEN remains a core service within Innovate UK EDGE, enabling growth potential businesses to continue to connect, collaborate and forge international partnerships.

Innovate UK EDGE is delivered across England, Northern Ireland and Wales through 21 partners. As a key delivery partner for Innovate UK, delivering the service across the East of England, Exemplas is committed to providing the most tailored, specialist support to high growth potential businesses.

In the past year, businesses across the East of England secured the following achievements, benefitting from Innovate UK EDGE support delivered by Exemplas:

  • £20.7m funding and finance raised
  • 638 jobs created and maintained
  • £783k cost savings made

Graham Coultas, Innovation Director at Exemplas, comments: “growth and scaling support is at the forefront of enabling the most ambitious businesses to succeed and drive economic growth. We are committed to working closely with Innovate UK to design and deliver support tailored to meet the needs of businesses wishing to grow and scale through innovation.”

With an established team of Innovation and Growth Specialists, here at Exemplas we pride ourselves on the breadth of expertise our specialists possess, across a wide range of sectors and business disciplines providing us with the required blend of knowledge and insights to work with our clients to drive their businesses forward.

Watch this video to find out more about how Innovate UK EDGE is creating a future for ambitious businesses.

To find out more about how we give businesses the edge to grow and scale their business, visit the Innovate UK EDGE website here.