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Exemplas supports innovative clients to secure £50,000 award

The Innovate UK Unlocking Potential Award consists of a two-strand initiative; Begin and Build. The Build strand, featuring £50,000 in funding and tailored business support, is aimed at amplifying underrepresented groups in innovation. By providing financial support and resources, the goal is to level the playing field and cultivate a more inclusive and diverse innovation ecosystem.

Through our work delivering Innovate UK’s Business and Growth Support Service we have been able to provide advice and guidance to businesses accepted onto the Build Award, including: Sex Ed Matters CIC, Scentient and Remap Mental Fitness LTD.

Sex Ed Matters partner with lots of community-based youth projects by delivering empowering and confidence-building workshops on key sex education topics. They also offer trainings for teachers, university staff and workplaces on key sex education.

Scentient have developed the Escents which is a wearable device that works in synchrony with virtual and augmented reality content to create an additional layer of immersion. Their wireless device is independent from a VR headset allowing easy integration with any immersive infrastructure.

Remap Mental Fitness is helping working professionals become mentally fit through the power of visualisation and will be using the award to build an online platform.

Innovate UK, a part of UK Research and Innovation, has invested a substantial £6.2 million in innovative projects via their Unlocking Potential Award. It recognises the underrepresentation of diversity in the UK innovation sector, and the initiative aims to unlock the untapped potential of innovators across the country.

This initiative underscores a commitment to acknowledging and supporting innovators from all walks of life, contributing to the advancement of a more dynamic and representative innovation landscape in the UK.